What a day today! We got to see so many places today! 7am wake up call today but it was all worth it. Today we went to the bowmanville zoo and we had the opportunity of playing with cubs and baby tigers!! It was such an amazing experience and I am so happy I got to share it today with everyone. After the zoo we went to lunch at The Eaton center in Toronto where we had amazing tacos at a resturaunt/market called RichTree! The owner and employees were very kind and they made sure everyone was satisfied!

At Richtree market I ordered 3 tacos at the taco and burrito truck, and let me just say they were the best tacos I have ever had! I highly suggest this market as there was also tons of other selections to choose from! A lot of the other girls ordered smoothies and I tried some of them and they were delicious! I got tons of pictures but I unfortunately do not have my laptop with me so I am unable to post pictures to my blog! If you would like to see photos of me at the taco and burrito truck, and overall pictures of the location and my experience feel free to check out my Facebook page and twitter! @missteensouthwesternontario #missSWOntario

Miss teen Southwestern Ontario

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