The Syrian children not only sang their national anthem, but they also learned the Canadian national anthem as well. It was heart-warming to see how excited they were to be in Canada.

On February 20th at the Caboto club in Windsor, the community that I am proud to be a part of welcomed Syrian refugees to their new home. The refugees were able to come, meet their neighbours, and hopefully start to feel more comfortable in their new community.

refugee dinner 2

It was an honour to meet two of the amazing people who dedicate their lives to keeping Canada safe.

We were able to show the refugees a few of the perks of being in Canada, like fresh maple syrup!

We were able to show the refugees a few of the perks of being in Canada, like fresh maple syrup!











Meeting all of the families humbled me and made me truly appreciate what these families have gone through. I can never imagine how it feels to have to leave your home, but I will try my hardest to make the transition to their new home as comfortable as possible. We can all do our part. Whether it be something as simple as saying “Hello” and smiling, or going as far as to organize a charity dinner or sponsoring a family, we can all do something to help!

refugee dinner 7

Though they may not be fluent in english just yet, I will never forget the little boy who came up to me, saw the crown, looked at me and said “Cinderella?”. I may not be a real princess, but I will do my best to be a role model for these amazing children.

refugee dinner 6

I met some of the most amazing families. They reminded me that love is all that you need to be happy in life.











My high-school volleyball coach, Bronwen Wood, is an amazing woman. She is strong, independent and is always looking for ways to help others. When she heard about the Syrian Refugees in Windsor-Essex county, she went ahead and coordinated local artists to create a colouring book for the refugees. This colouring book demonstrates all of the wonderful aspects of life in our community and serves as an amazing welcome gift to the children of these families. I am proud to have such an amazing role model in my life.

IMG_2383 copy

One of my amazing role models in life! She has taught me so much and even though she is no longer my coach, I am still learning from her.

IMG_2396 copy

Some of the beautiful pages of the colouring book created by local artists, and of course a Roll-up-the-Rim cup because you can’t get more Canadian than that.











This night reminded me that love and happiness are synonymous. You cannot have one without the other. And though I may be writing this post 4 hours away from my home and my family, home is where the heart is, and love knows no boundaries.

refugee dinner 4

Welcome to Canada!




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