This year while I was studying at the University of Guelph, I attended a Syrian Refugee Dinner in order to raise funds for the living and study costs of the Refugees at my school. This year we had a refugee named Sarah who was at our school studying Biology and in the Fall we look forward to welcoming another Syrian student.


This is Sarah. The night of the dinner I was honoured to hear her story. She told us about the path she took to arrive in Guelph from Syria and the adversity she faced while doing it. I was truly inspired by this young woman and hope that one day I can inspire others in the way that her strength and determination have inspired me.

Throughout the night, we were treated to Syrian cuisine, a traditional Syrian dance, and we got to hear the story of a woman who’s husband served in the army during a war in Syria many years ago. I felt honoured the entire night to be experiencing some of their culture. I am proud to live in a country where multi-culturalism is so abundant and to attend a school that cares so much about diversity and equality.


The traditional Syrian dance performed by a local club in Guelph was absolutely beautiful! It was different than anything I had ever seen before and I was captivated the entire time.

Canada is planning to welcome over 25,000 Syrian refugees and there is no shortage of ways that we can help! You can donate through the link posted at the bottom of this page, you can volunteer in your community’s welcoming efforts, you can sponsor a refugee or a family, or you can simply treat your new neighbours with welcome arms and a warm heart.  We can all make an effort to show that we care.


Love is infinite. We can all find room in our hearts to care for those who are suffering.

Link to the Government of Canada’s Syrian Refugee site:




Written by: Olivia

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