O Canada, our home and native land. I truly love the fact that Canada is such a free country. From a politcal stand point to legalities to personal appearance, Canada is so accepting. I believe as a a country we are so open-minded and we take well to change… I mean we do have to deal with our weather over here(and no we do not live in igloos). We are the second largest country in the world and I think we have so much to offer. Our culture has been influenced by so many different backgrounds and traditions, not to mention we are highly influenced by our countries first individuals, the Aboriginals. Canada is not one culture, we do not all have set traditions, we do not all conform to what we believe Canada as a culture believes in, because as Canadians we are known for peace, acceptance, freedom and being the nicest people in the world of course!

I think Canada is great because we have so many different provinces and cities that are completely different from one another.  From up North in small towns like Cobalt, Ontario to popular cities such as Niagra Falls we have it all. Niagra is so beautiful and SO fun. They have beautiful scenery along with an amazing street of fun… literally! Clifton Hill will never fail to keep you excited and entertained. There is too much to do in Niagra to even sit still. Lets not forget to mention the African Lion Safari in Hamilton, Ontario or just about all cities in B.C that have the most amazing scenery you will ever lay eyes on!

Canada as a country always come together, we are like one big family… at the end of it all, we are ALL Canadians. Canada day is probably the most exciting day of the year. We get to represent what we live for, we have fun and we get to see LOADS of fireworks! This Canada day was probably my favorite, because I got to celebrate it as Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario. It is truly an honour having this title and being able to do all the activities and volunteering I did on Canada day. This year my mom and I took a roadtrip to Amherstburg to explore a different city and enjoy how they chose to celebrate our country. It was by far the most amazing festival ive been too.

So without further ado its safe to say we are the best country there is. I do not think anyone would be dissapointed by our diversity, our kidness, and our beautiful land. You will not regret visiting Canada, unless you think we live in igloos, ride polar bears, and say “EH” after every sentence.. these are most definitely myths, unfortunately. Thank you all for taking the time to read my short essay about why I love Canada. Stay tuned for my next blog post about some more events I have attented. 11693063_10206619041173141_192724948_n

All the best EH,
Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario

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Happy Canada day to all! I hope everyone had a fun and safe day today and enjoyed all the events that took place along with all the awesome fireworks!! Today my mom and I took a mini road trip to Amherstburg to participate in the Amherstburg festival. It is such a small town but it is so beautiful, they even had pony rides by the lake! During the festival there was bouncy castles, lemonade stands, a talent show and so much more! There was also tons of great people and awesome costumes… I got to meet Disney princesses! While I was at the festival I had the honor of handing out the Canada day cupcakes to all the guests.11713414_10206619027452798_1332537460_n



After all the cupcakes were gone… which did not take long, I had the honor of handing out all the Canada day flags! The amount of guests that attended this event was crazy! There was well over 2,000 people there so you could say my hands were pretty sore after handing out hundreds of flags! I had a great time handing flags out to all the adorable kids and I enjoyed talking to all the parents who were interested in hearing about my journey. So many parents had questions on how I received my title and congratulated me.


After the volunteering I did I had to enjoy some of the festival so my mom and I had a bite to eat, walked around and enjoyed all the little activities and performances they had. As I was walking I came across some DISNEY PRINCESSES.. it was priceless to see all of our faces when we saw each other because we just looked at each other like “WE NEED A PICTURE” and we immediately got out our cameras and snapped some photos. I know I’m not looking at the right camera but this was the best picture we got 🙁 We still all look like beauty queens. I will definitely be attending this annually because I had a blast.11657406_10206619027492799_1193355752_n

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What a perfect day it was for a fundraiser. Saturday, June 6th my mom an11425579_946659342061694_2161518901931052820_nd I held a big BBQ at Fresh Co! It was the perfect weather and it ended up being a great turn out! A ton of my family came to help me out which was a great surprise as well as a lot of my family came to buy raffle tickets and food from our BBQ! I got to meet a lot of really nice people that were interested in hearing what Free the Children was all about as well as why and how I became Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario.

During the time of the BBQ we set up a big raffle table, and we also took donations. We ended up raising more money than we thought and because it was such a good turn out we are definitely having another one! My goal is to raise DOUBLE what we raised for this BBQ. This time it will not be held at Fresh Co due to business reasons but my mom and I were thinking about having it at Heemans.. yum! Heemans is a Strawberry patch in Thorndale just outside of London, who wouldn’t want to come to a BBQ AND pick out strawberry’s! The location and time for the next BBQ is still up in the air but I will definitely keep you guys posted!

Until next time,
Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario.

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As I’m sure some of you may know, pageant fees and attire are a lot of money! With this being said I have made a Gofundme account so that friends, family and even strangers could help donate.If you wish to help me go through with my journey to the Miss Teenage Canada pageant just click the link below and donate! No minimum, anything helps! Thanks guys!
All the best,
Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario Donate now!

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Good evening bloggers!

This Saturday i’ll be starting my 6 weeks of fundraising for Free the Children! My first fundraiser is going to be a BBQ at Fresh Co. Free the Children is an organization that provides education to children in developing countries such as Haiti, Kenya etc. The organization helps children become engaged in there community and empowers youth to make a change. Not only do they provide workshops and education but they get youth involved in building schools in developing countries! How inspiring. My fingers are crossed that this BBQ will be a success and there will be more fundraisers to come!

Ill keep you all posted on how it did!
For more information on the BBQ  such as time and place please contact me via email; missteensouthwesternontatio@gmail.com or facebook; missteensouthwesternontario2015 

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As you all know I was in the Women’s Lifestyle Show at the convention center in March. During this time I had the honor of meeting Heather Wenman, the Canadian ambassador of L’oreal Paris.. How cool! I had a great time talking with her talking about my reign thus far and she generously offered to be my beauty sponsor as she also owns Studio H here in London!

Heather Wenman and I at her salon with my new fresh hair cut!

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Hi everyone!  This up coming Sunday March 8th I will be making an appearance at the Women’s Lifestyle Show at the Convention Center in London, Ontario! I will be giving a small speech and having a Q & A with the audience! How fun! I am so excited to get up on stage, share my journey thus far and see what kind of reaction and questions I get from everyone! This will be my first Q&A from a huge audience and I am very nervous but beyond excited. Stay tuned as I will be posting about how it went and posting pictures!

Yours truly,
Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario 2015

Womens Lifestyle Show

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Mai Memories Photography

Since I received my title, I have had quite an exciting month.  I had a photo shoot of me wearing my crown and sash with Mai Memories Photography and she did an amazing job!  On February 8th I went to the Goderich Winterfest where I handed out programs for a Children’s Theatre.  I arrived at the requested time and met the kids before the play.  Afterwards several little girls wanted their photo taken with me-being told that I was a real princess.  I had to hold in a giggle as one of the little girls jaw dropped.  It was so cute.  And the play was fabulous.  The kids did a fantastic job.  They clearly had worked hard rehearsing their lines.  My face hurt from smiling so much. I had explained to all of them that preforming a play on stage was very similar to being in a pageant. I told them to be confident and just have fun!  I really enjoyed the whole afternoon and it was nice to share it with my mom and my sister.

Me at the Mackay Senior Center in Goderich helping out for a childrens play

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Hi everyone!

shot by Mai Memories Photography

I am your new Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario 2015! I am honored to have received this title and I cant wait to experience all the adventures over the next year. Being crowned was truly an amazing moment for me. With Miss Teen Ontario 2015 being my first pageant I never expected to have gotten this far and I am so glad that I did.

Now I will tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Jerica, Im 19 years old and I am from London Ontario. I received my OSSD in 2012-2013 at H.B Beal Secondary School and have been working full time ever since. I am now a supervisor at Aeropostale and really enjoy what I do. Every day I am challenged whether it be by trying to help my staff with style/dress code or simply just teaching them the ropes of the job. This job has made a huge impact on my life as it has taught me patience, independence, team leadership and more! This job is truly what I love to do and I hope to keep working my way up in the fashion/retail industry.
My newest passion began in June 2013 when I made the decision to purchase my first car. Never had I thought at 18 years old I would own a brand new vehicle that I worked so hard for. I own a Mitsubishi Lancer that I completely “decked out” in black and pink and will be participating in quarter mile races at Sparta this summer.

As I said above I can’t wait to experience all the new adventures this opportunity will provide.  The memories I make and people I meet will be life changing.  This new life adventure actually started back in September 2014 when on a whim I entered the Ontario provincial pageant for the search of the next Miss Teen Canada 2015.   In the months leading up to the pageant all the girls communicated in a group chat and it was so great to officially meet each other at the pageant.  My new friends are not only beautiful inside and out but they are down to earth, funny and smart young ladies who have a clear vision for their future.  It is my privilege to call them friends.

The weekend of the pageant was awe inspiring. Each step was an experience that I enjoyed immensely.  On the final night I was a bunch of jumbled nerves -obviously in a good way. I had hoped that I would be sent on to nationals and was surprised when they called my name.  I knew that I did my best but I was up against major competition.  What a wonderful moment.  To have my name called and be crowned in front of my loved ones will be a memory that I will forever cherish. I’m not sure what other adventures this journey will take me on, but I can’t wait.  My family is already brainstorming some fundraising ideas and I have some people of interest out there for events. I  also look forward to learning more about my platform and getting involved with women and young teens about relationships and domestic abuse.

 Don’t forget to follow me on social media as I am always blogging, and posting updates daily about my journey!



instagram @missteensouthwestontario


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