Good evening everyone!

I’m so excited to experience this journey as Miss Teenage Southwestern Ontario. During my reign I have chosen a platform that hits very close to home and that I am very passionate about. This topic is very sensitive to me and it is not something I have personally endured but it is something that I have witnessed, experienced and definitely something I would like to bring attention to.

My platform is domestic abuse. I chose this topic mainly because I feel I can be the voice for the young girls who are affected by this. People think that this happens just in adult relationships but this is not the case. Statistics and experiences of my own have proven that domestic abuse often occurs and starts at a young age. In teenage years girls and even teenage boys in some cases are in a vulnerable state and sometimes don’t know others intentions. Teenagers can be so oblivious to something so serious and harmful which is why domestic abuse is becoming more common and this is why less than 10% of Canadians report domestic violence each day.

So why is there such a rise in domestic abuse cases? Why are over 3,300 canadian woman affected by it each day and only an average of 300 woman report it. These are facts that are very devastating and are the reason why I want to help. I may not be able to help everyone, or even a fraction of all the woman affected by it, but I can try.

With my platform I am trying and willing to do what I can to help woman affected by this and to also help local woman’s shelters. This year I will be doing a jean drive to raise funds for a local Woman’s shelter in London, ontario. Currently my bestfriend is staying in a woman’s shelter due to an abusive relationship. At the age of 19 it shocks me that someone so young as she is has to resort to a shelter due to another persons actions. During my fundraising I will be donating specifically to the shelter she is in, and after this I will continue to donate to other shelters.

Aside from fundraising, I want to personally get involved and be able to listen and try my best to give girls the confidence they need to get through this. Sometimes the best advice is from
those who view situations from the outside. I am currently looking into more avenues in which I can learn more and help with this cause. I am so thankful to MTC for the opportunity to learn and grow as a person and showcase all the knowledge that I have gained and have yet to learn about my platform.

If I win Miss Teenage Canada 2015 this will continue to be my platform. This is a topic I am passionate about and I will be getting involved with as much as I can to make a change. I will continue to update everyone in any events and fundraisers I take part of during my riegn as Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario and any other fundraisers and organizations I get involved with if I win the title of Miss Teen Canada 2015.
Thank you everyone and have a great night!

Yours truly,
Miss Teenage Southwestern Ontario 2015

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