Exactly a week ago, I experienced the most exhilarating feeling of my life – I went SKYDIVING! I mentioned this in my last post, but my stills and video footage just arrived in the mail and I thought I’d share them with you all. Enjoy!


My first time flying was at the Niagara Skydive Centre! I did a tandem jump with a sweet man named Peter, who ensured my safety and really helped me enjoy my flight. I would just like to say thank you to the Niagara Skydive Centre for giving me this incredible opportunity, as nothing can compare.

Word of Advice: If you are capable of going skydiving in your lifetime, I suggest doing it! It is far better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times. Free-falling is unlike any other experience, and it is the perfect combination of thrill and peace.

The video footage is attached on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages – check it out!

Sparkle and Shine,

Marina, Miss Teenage Southwestern Ontario 2017

Written by: Marina

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