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First and foremost I would like to thank you for visiting my blog and sharing this experience with me, I am so honored to be representing my home of Southwestern Ontario! I live in the small town of Mount Forest, which is at the northernmost border of Wellington County. I have called this place home my entire life, and it is the place I love most. I am part of a very large family, and can hardly walk around town without seeing one of my cousins (and I love it! Shout out to the Reeves family!). I grew up here doing the same things a lot of little girls do – dancing, playing and watching sports, and being a Girl Guide! It was between the borders of this small town that I discovered my love for performing.

I was also in catalogues as a child! That's me in the sandbox!

I was always the child who could speak in front of adults for hours! I loved the stage and I loved to have an audience, and when my school plays and dance classes stopped feeding my desire to be a star, I competed for the title of my town’s junior ambassador – and I won! This was one of the most exciting years of my young life, and the first time I realized what opportunity can do for one who chooses to seize it. I spent the next 12 months visiting local fairs, 4H shows, festivals, and events (in my first crown and sash!). I learned a lot about agriculture, how to present myself like a lady, how to speak on the spot, and made lifelong friends. I was not very old, however, when I realized that my ambition was simply to big for my beautiful small town, and when I reached high school I decided that I would take an hour bus ride to and from the city of Guelph every day to continue my catholic education and get a taste of what life had to offer outside the small community I had known for so long.

These are the years during which I truly began to expand on my creative side. I began cheer leading, followed by competitive dance, and continued to take voice and piano

Myself and my friend Meaghan at our dance recital!

lessons. My confidence and perseverance also allowed me to do some hair modelling for L’oreal, which was amazing – I will never forget how wonderful they were to work for and the way the older models took me in like one of their own, as I was the youngest by eight years. I also took it upon myself to take full advantage of the great science resources within my school; once one of my most dreaded subjects, I fell in love with science – especially biology. Knowing my whole life that I wanted a career that would help people, my new found love for science allowed me to become passionate about becoming a doctor, and the experiences I’ve had with my loved ones having cancer are what make specializing in oncology so ideal.

I have two jobs that I balance with my academic schedule. For two and a half years I have had the honor of being a support worker for my “little sister”, Tabi. Tabi is a special needs teenager I have known my entire life, whose cognitive and motor skills are delayed.  It is my job to meet with her occupational, speech, and physical therapists regularly to set goals for her. Then, Tabi and I get together and do what seem to her like every day activities and games to work towards our set goals and

My little sister and I out for Christmas! How sweet of her to bring me her hat to wear!

improve her skills. To her, this is just hanging out! It is a lot like that for me too, I have truly found a wonderful friend and listener in Tabi. I also work at a local restaurant called Scott’s Pizza Burger. I love working with people my age – we are all like family. It is also amazing getting to chat with all sorts of people, even briefly. I’ve heard some wonderful stories from customers just passing through town; hey, a job is what you make of it!


I go to a wonderful high school called St James Catholic High School in the city of Guelph. Continuing my Catholic education is something I have always valued, but there is truly more to my school then tremendous faith. I am constantly inspired and uplifted by my fellow schoolmates and my teachers. There is unexplainable comfort in knowing that you are safe and welcome between the walls of the place you spend the most vulnerable years of your life. Throughout every challenge and obstacle I have encountered (and believe me, like most teenagers, there have been many) I have been assisted and supported by my school faculty and fellow students. The love I have been shown in my school is truly a Christlike love, and I know I have been blessed to have spent my high school years at St James.

My faith is truly what has driven me to pursue my dream of becoming Miss Teen Canada-World. It is difficult to fail, to fall short of your dreams and get back up, but that is exactly what the Lord has allowed me to do. Only through constant prayer have I received the strength and confidence required to complete any task thrown my way. I know that I am exactly who God intends me to be, that I am perfectly made in his image, and that will always be enough for me. I put my trust in Him and I know that he has lead me to this stage of my life and I will revel in it.

Lastly, it is my family who makes up who I am. My mom is my hero, she has shaped me into a young lady with good morals and empathy for those around me – much like my beautiful Grandma shaped her into. My dad is my encouragement, always giving me those

My WONDERFUL family!

few words I need to keep going. My brother is my best friend, he will always have my back and will always hold me as his number one girl. My cousins make me smile, and hold the greatest part of my heart. My aunties and great aunties are always there for hugs and laughs, always telling me to go for my dreams. And of course there are my best friends who see me at my best and worst and always stick around.

I am made up of so many things, but they all make me, ME! As I work toward the National pageant I stay optimistic and remember that all of my unique qualities will ultimately be my best advantages – I am my own kind of beautiful.


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