*Enters and curtseys*  


Hello all, and welcome to my page! My name is Marina, but you may recognize me as Miss Teenage Southwestern Ontario 2017. I am pleased to announce that I will be competing at the Miss Teenage Canada Nationals competition taking place on August 13th. I look forward to making new friends from all across Canada. I also cannot wait to be the voice for animals facing extinction all around the globe! Follow my journey leading up to the nationals by reading on and checking out my alternate social media platforms!

How did it all begin?

Glitz and glamour, frilly dresses, crowns and sashes – before this all became my reality, I lived a simple life in Mississauga, Ontario. On a daily basis, I spend majority of my time outdoors, where I can enjoy nature and interact with the creatures surrounding me. Growing up, while some girls were getting into makeup and concerned about their style, I was the girl who was playing in the mud and climbing a tree. How did this tree-hugging wanderer find herself in a pageant? Easy, I wanted a change. Not only for myself, as a way to come out of my comfort zone, but for the animals who need a voice. I have always had a passion for helping animals, and this is my chance to shine bright and make a difference in society.


What brings me happiness?

*Stranger walks their dog* *Runs to pet the dog*


Animals! All types of animals – big or small, furry or scaly – you name it, it will bring a smile to my face. I find an innocence in animals, similar to the innocence in infants. For example, a dog’s loyalty is unlike any other, and a dog can demonstrate that unconditional love truly exists. Showing an animal love and feeling their love in return is what brings me sheer happiness.

*Birds chirping* *Sits by the waterfall*


Nature! Hearing crashing waves hitting the shore, feeling the blazing sun warm up every inch of my body, and watching the sand creep its way between my toes is what makes my mind at peace. It is important to not take what we have for granted by enjoying our planet and its beautiful scenery.

*Propeller noises* *Jumps out of a plane*


Adrenaline! Whether it’s zip-lining or skydiving, I always find a way to keep my blood pumping and energy level sky-high (literally)! I went skydiving just a week ago, and it was the most thrilling and incredible experience of my life. Skydiving is the ultimate feeling of freedom. The wind hitting my face as I enjoyed the beautiful view while free-falling was unlike any other feeling. I love trying new (and crazy) things! Jobs may fill my pockets, but adventures will fill my soul.

*Music plays* *Breaks out my dance moves*


Dance! Whether it’s dancing on top of the toilet seat with my mom by my side or on stage with an audience cheering and applauding (my mom being the loudest), dancing is one of my many passions. From ballet to acrobatics and from jazz to hiphop, I always find a way to keep myself moving and entertained. Dance makes the fire in me come alive.

*BEEEEP* *Dives into the water*


Swimming! Yes, I am very competitive, especially when it comes to swimming. You can call me Marina the mermaid… or should I say, Marmaid. *Laughs* Whether it’s swimming to get a toasty tan and enjoying the water or competing in a freestyle race, swimming always makes me happy.

Don’t forget to check in with me here for updates on events leading up to the nationals!

Sparkle and Shine,

Marina, Miss Teenage Southwestern Ontario 2017

Written by: Marina

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  1. Tiana says:

    I’m so proud of you!!! ~Keep sparkling and shining~ 😉

  2. Mama says:

    From sticks and rocks to crowns and sashes, congrats to my beautiful MARINA! I Love You, moje sirce. <3 Always remember to work hard in all that you do. I am and always will be your number one cheerleader.

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