Happy Canada day to all! I hope everyone had a fun and safe day today and enjoyed all the events that took place along with all the awesome fireworks!! Today my mom and I took a mini road trip to Amherstburg to participate in the Amherstburg festival. It is such a small town but it is so beautiful, they even had pony rides by the lake! During the festival there was bouncy castles, lemonade stands, a talent show and so much more! There was also tons of great people and awesome costumes… I got to meet Disney princesses! While I was at the festival I had the honor of handing out the Canada day cupcakes to all the guests.11713414_10206619027452798_1332537460_n



After all the cupcakes were gone… which did not take long, I had the honor of handing out all the Canada day flags! The amount of guests that attended this event was crazy! There was well over 2,000 people there so you could say my hands were pretty sore after handing out hundreds of flags! I had a great time handing flags out to all the adorable kids and I enjoyed talking to all the parents who were interested in hearing about my journey. So many parents had questions on how I received my title and congratulated me.


After the volunteering I did I had to enjoy some of the festival so my mom and I had a bite to eat, walked around and enjoyed all the little activities and performances they had. As I was walking I came across some DISNEY PRINCESSES.. it was priceless to see all of our faces when we saw each other because we just looked at each other like “WE NEED A PICTURE” and we immediately got out our cameras and snapped some photos. I know I’m not looking at the right camera but this was the best picture we got 🙁 We still all look like beauty queens. I will definitely be attending this annually because I had a blast.11657406_10206619027492799_1193355752_n

Written by: Jerica

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