What a perfect day it was for a fundraiser. Saturday, June 6th my mom an11425579_946659342061694_2161518901931052820_nd I held a big BBQ at Fresh Co! It was the perfect weather and it ended up being a great turn out! A ton of my family came to help me out which was a great surprise as well as a lot of my family came to buy raffle tickets and food from our BBQ! I got to meet a lot of really nice people that were interested in hearing what Free the Children was all about as well as why and how I became Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario.

During the time of the BBQ we set up a big raffle table, and we also took donations. We ended up raising more money than we thought and because it was such a good turn out we are definitely having another one! My goal is to raise DOUBLE what we raised for this BBQ. This time it will not be held at Fresh Co due to business reasons but my mom and I were thinking about having it at Heemans.. yum! Heemans is a Strawberry patch in Thorndale just outside of London, who wouldn’t want to come to a BBQ AND pick out strawberry’s! The location and time for the next BBQ is still up in the air but I will definitely keep you guys posted!

Until next time,
Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario.

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