I almost forgot to fill you guys in. Thursday, June 4th at 6pm I was in a car accident . My brand new car that I worked so hard for was hit due to someone running a red light. Everyone was okay thankfully, but by car was totaled. I had been driving my best friends mom and grandma to bingo, also on my way to ask the bingo manager for a sponsorship when I was turning left and got struck but a car who was speeding and ran a red light. No one was severely hurt but I was rushed to the hospital due to carbon monoxide levels being high because of the airbag smoke I was breathing in. Besides some bumps and bruises and being completely in shock due to what had just happened I am thankful nothing worse had happened.

Aftermath of the accident.

Aftermath of the accident.

My insurance adjuster let me know that it was in fact a write off and that I could start the search for a new vehicle. Last week I spent all day looking for a new car that I could afford and because my credit was so good from paying off all my bills I was actually able to afford the exact same car but brand new! That was amazing news to hear especially because insurance did not give me extra money for a new car so I had to start back at the beginning.  Accidents like this suck, and take a toll on you mentally and of course financially but everything happens for a reason and I will always stay positive. Now I have a an even better version of my old car !

The past week I have been working on making it into my own and “JERIFYING” it! I always try to look at the brighter side of things and although it caused a small bump in the road especially with the pageant being right around the corner, Ill always learn from my mistakes and be positive.

Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario

Written by: Jerica

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