11659495_1000841756601529_8237331248793780592_nGood evening bloggers!

Most of you guys are SO lucky to be on summer break right now. Unfortunately for me I work full time so “summer vacay” isn’t too much of a vacation for me. I cannot complain about the weather though, summer is my favorite season. My first fundraiser to kick off the summer heat was spending my time at East Parks grand opening in London! During the grand opening I had the honor of handing out great coupons to families, as well as greeting at the front gates. I got to walk around with East Parks very own mascot as well and the kids loved it! Who wouldn’t want to walk around with a big T-REX!

Funny story actually, after walking around with the mascot for some time we realized we actually knew each other and had each other on facebook! That was a funny ice breaker for us, it made it that much more fun that we actually knew each other… what a small world. Regardless, I love meeting knew people and just like the mascot the rest of the management team and staff were awesome and SO welcoming! I really did have a great time, and going to east park all the time as a kid brought back a lot of memories. Hopefully I will be back soon enjoying the water park and go karts!

East Park's mascot and I snapping a selfie!

East Park’s mascot and I snapping a selfie!

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