AHHHHHH,I am SO excited for this pageant! Only days away and i’m preparing myself every single day. This has been a crazy journey but it is the best experience and it is hands down the best choice I have ever made. I truly think every girl needs to fulfill this dream if they even have the slightest liking to it. It will change your view on everything, it will change your lifestyle, your friends, your behavior.. everything! I mean this in the best way possible as well, this experience changes you for the better. You meet new people, you get comfortable with your body, you gain confidence and you feel like a model! I have always been into going to the gym and eating healthy, but this pageant is motivation to stay fit and make the right eating choices, you learn to socialize with everyone, you learn to handle yourself professionally and how to get what want -lol.

So as I prepare myself for the most exciting moment of my life I am doing everything I can to make sure I take home the crown! I am working out, eating healthy, staying hydrated, volunteering and/or fundraising on average once every 12 days, getting my title out to the public and SO much more. I never thought I could fund raise so much but when you set your mind to something you can really conquer anything. Between pageant fees and charity I have raised $3,250, just in 5 months! I really am proud of myself and everyone else that has helped me along the way!

Today, I took a visit to my beauty sponsor STUDIO H for my last hair appointment and consultation. I got awesome highlights and they provided me with a beautiful hair piece for the pageant! Heather Wenman, the owner of Studio H is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful I met her and had the honor of getting sponsored by her. Thanks to her I also have the honor of modelling at the Little Black Tie event here in London, ON this September! How exciting!

Now, tomorrow is a new day and am I ever busy. I received AWESOME news that I am being sponsored by Jordan Stewart, a FABULOUS clothing store and also the name of the owner. She is sponsoring me all of my outfits for the pageant and I will be rocking them the entire week of the pageant. This being said, tomorrow I will be meeting with the manager to get styled and have all my outfits ready. After that, I have a dentist appointment to make sure I have those pearly white teeth on stage AND I have an interview with CTV London!

Stay posted as I will be posting more in detail about my new sponsor, my interview with CTV & MORE!

All the best,
Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario

Written by: Jerica

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