O Canada, our home and native land. I truly love the fact that Canada is such a free country. From a politcal stand point to legalities to personal appearance, Canada is so accepting. I believe as a a country we are so open-minded and we take well to change… I mean we do have to deal with our weather over here(and no we do not live in igloos). We are the second largest country in the world and I think we have so much to offer. Our culture has been influenced by so many different backgrounds and traditions, not to mention we are highly influenced by our countries first individuals, the Aboriginals. Canada is not one culture, we do not all have set traditions, we do not all conform to what we believe Canada as a culture believes in, because as Canadians we are known for peace, acceptance, freedom and being the nicest people in the world of course!

I think Canada is great because we have so many different provinces and cities that are completely different from one another.  From up North in small towns like Cobalt, Ontario to popular cities such as Niagra Falls we have it all. Niagra is so beautiful and SO fun. They have beautiful scenery along with an amazing street of fun… literally! Clifton Hill will never fail to keep you excited and entertained. There is too much to do in Niagra to even sit still. Lets not forget to mention the African Lion Safari in Hamilton, Ontario or just about all cities in B.C that have the most amazing scenery you will ever lay eyes on!

Canada as a country always come together, we are like one big family… at the end of it all, we are ALL Canadians. Canada day is probably the most exciting day of the year. We get to represent what we live for, we have fun and we get to see LOADS of fireworks! This Canada day was probably my favorite, because I got to celebrate it as Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario. It is truly an honour having this title and being able to do all the activities and volunteering I did on Canada day. This year my mom and I took a roadtrip to Amherstburg to explore a different city and enjoy how they chose to celebrate our country. It was by far the most amazing festival ive been too.

So without further ado its safe to say we are the best country there is. I do not think anyone would be dissapointed by our diversity, our kidness, and our beautiful land. You will not regret visiting Canada, unless you think we live in igloos, ride polar bears, and say “EH” after every sentence.. these are most definitely myths, unfortunately. Thank you all for taking the time to read my short essay about why I love Canada. Stay tuned for my next blog post about some more events I have attented. 11693063_10206619041173141_192724948_n

All the best EH,
Miss Teen Southwestern Ontario

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